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JUMP! The World’s Greatest Streakers

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Jaume Marquet is an eccentric outsider striving to become famous by streaking in front of the cameras at major television sporting events under his alter ego “Jimmy Jump”. In a bizarre world where professional streakers are paid to infiltrate the media in promotion of company brands, Jimmy Jump chooses to work alone in his self-promoting quest for fame.

Jump! The World’s Greatest Streakers:, follows Jimmy’s journey from Barcelona to Madrid where he will attempt to streak at the largest football match in Spain -“El Classico” live in front of 80 000 spectators and 100 million people watching worldwide.

Productions Notes

Takeover Films, Endorphin Films
52 Minute Documentary,
HD video
English and Spanish

Producers Dan Emery, Mathieu Wacowich and Jon Deitcher

Directors Dan Emery and Mathieu Wacowich

Camera/Editor Jon Deitcher

Starring Jimmy Jump
Mark Roberts
Ron Bensimhon
Brittney Skye

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